Our mission is to contribute to the increase of public welfare by executing infrastructure projects in Turkey and abroad.

The policy selected for the realization of our mission is "to participate in infrastructure project tenders and to complete the awarded projects in a highly esteemed manner".

Our company aims a linear growth and avoids "leaps" which we perceive to be risky. In other words, we are not occupied in striving for progress that requires financial arduousness. Our insistence on keeping a cautious attitude has earned us a high reputation of confidence and esteem, especially in the volatile market conditions of Turkey. This strategy, based on the low steadiness of the construction sector, may be summarized as "taking projects in our field of specialization and avoiding diversification".


Ahmet Cemal Kura, Sedat Urundul and Hayri Bingol, (from left to right in the picture) who graduated from Istanbul Technical University in the mid 1940ies, have contributed to Turkish construction industry with numerous projects in the 50 years' period. They became partners and chief executives of YOLAL CONSTRUCTION CO., which was one of the largest construction companies in Turkey, subsequent to their graduation. Their field of activities includes industrial complexes, cold stores, grain silos, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, ports, sewage systems, hospitals, commercial complexes, dams, hydroelectric projects and military installations.

PALET CONSTRUCTION was established in 1966 by Messrs Kura, Urundul and Bingol, who continued their prospective careers by executing major projects with the newly-founded company. One of the most important rings in this chain of projects is ATATURK DAM AND HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT awarded in early 1980ies. It is not only a mega-project in Turkey, but also in the world. PALET CONSTRUCTION is the Pilot Firm of the consortium ATA that executed the project with success. PALET played a major role in the prequalification and tender stages as well as the construction phase.
The final fact to be stressed upon is that PALET successfully completed all its projects in due time and that PALET has never had any litigation or dispute with its employers.

PALET Construction and Trading Co. Ltd. was modified to PALET Construction and Trading Co. Inc. on 01.01.1999. This modification was announced on the Turkish Trade Register Journal dated 11.01.1999 no. 4709.

The headquarters of the company has been relocated from Istanbul to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, on 28.02.2003.


Alim Melih KURA
President, General Director

PALET CONSTRUCTION has adopted a "limited decentralization" model. Each site is accepted as a seperate identity, and the chief of site is responsible for the operation and management of the project. This responsibility includes purchase decisions, recruitment of staff and subcontractors and determination of machinery needs.

The headquarters is responsible of the strategic decisions, coordination of the sites, new project tenders, financial planning and corporate identity creation and development.

Whereas the decisions regarding the required machinery park, that combine the needs and the economical and physical means, are jointly taken by the central management and the site management.

Quality Policy

Our principal goal in PALET CONSTRUCTION is to keep both the quality of our managerial and work processes, and the quality of our signature projects at the highest level. Our ISO 9001:2000 certificates that we received from Moody International Certification and Letrina S.A. are manifestations of our determination.

Our quality policy reflects the standards we have imposed during the approximately 50 years of operation we have been in business. Our policy also aims conformity with the developing global quality systems. Our Quality Handbook, based on our Quality Management System, is a presentation of Palet Construction's dedication to quality and it consists of all issues of our quality assurance system.

Our principal objective is to operate in the construction and trade sectors with integrity, faultlessness, demanded quality, compatible with improved technologies.

We aim to sssure customer satisfaction through the use of our quality assurance system; complete our awarded projects in the demanded quality level, with integrity, timeliness and in-line-with the plans by the conception of "continuous improvement" with our trained staff and technologically updated equipment and techniques.

  • The elements of our quality policy are as follows: Assuring the best cooperation of all the participants of the construction process, the project owner, planner and the contractor;
  • Assuring the optimization of work flows in the company;
  • Providing the domination of the processes of our professional knowledge and activity plans in extraordinary cases;
  • Persecuting the necessary organization and the work flow in order to assure the timely and faultless completion of the projects.
ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificates