Koclu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Brief Description

Installed capacity of 36MW and construction of switchyard, regulator, water intake structures, gravel crossing, sedimentation pool, and fish passage structures.


  • Energy Tunnel: 7,921m length, 3.3m inner diameter, modified horseshoe cross-section
  • Transport Tunnel: 320m length, 3.9m inner diamter, modified horseshoe cross-section
  • Surge Chamber: 240m length, 45m of which is 8.5m diameter, 195m of which is 3.3m diameter
  • Penstock and Tunnel: 462m length, 2.1m diameter and 3.9m diameter penstock tunnel

Project Name Koclu Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location Espiye, Giresun - Turkey
Client İyon Energy Production Industry and Trade
Date of Start April 2012
Target Date of Completion 1093 days, from start
Value 67,857,183 TL (44,063,106 USD based on 2011 prices)
Contractor Palet Construction